WhatsApp has become an increasingly important tool for small and medium sized businesses. Whether you’re a small trap kitchen or medium sized florist, WhatsApp could be a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with current and prospective customers.

On 8th November WhatsApp introduced Product Catalogs. A new feature of the WhatsApp Business app which allows brands to provide additional information about the products and services they offer. This includes photos, pricing, links and a short description.

What Are WhatsApp Product Catalogs?

WhatsApp Product Catalogs allow customers to browse a business’s products or services on WhatsApp by viewing their profile. Brands are also able to share a product in their catalog with customer’s directly within a chat.

Demonstration of WhatsApp Product Catalogs

The major benefit is that customers no longer have to leave WhatsApp to view basic information about a product or service. Although, a business is able to link to the product or service on their own website if they wish.

How Do You Create a WhatsApp Product Catalog?

WhatsApp Product Catalogs are available to businesses in the UK and other countries now. Simply update your WhatsApp Business app and head to your Business Settings. You’ll then see an option aptly named ‘Catalog’, where you can add and remove items.

Once a catalog has been created it will appear on the brand’s WhatsApp profile. This leads to an new section within the app where customer’s can view your entire product range, with an image, description and price clearly displayed.


Following the launch of WhatsApp Pay last year, this new feature demonstrates WhatsApp’s aim of becoming a vital business tool. This has been successful to date with over 5 million businesses already using the WhatsApp Business app.

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