Podcasts have now become a staple of our lives, with both their accessibility and quality driving increased listening amongst various demographics. Their popularity was highlighted in an Adobe survey, which found that podcast app usage had increased by 60% throughout a twelve month period.

On November 25th, podcasting platform Acast unveiled a new solution for brands and publishers – Acast Open. The new offering makes it far easier and very affordable to publish a podcast and monitor ongoing analytics. Allowing you to quickly launch and scale a successful podcast.

What is Acast?

Since 2014, Acast have been curating top podcasts as well as supporting new podcast creators. All of which are made available through their mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Acast are behind some of the most popular podcasts, such as Forever35 and Wahlgren & Wistam. Through partnering with these creators, Acast was given the title of “Best Podcasting App” by Macworld and other publications.

What is Acast Open?

Acast Open makes industry-leading tools and insights available to anybody looking to launch a podcast. All without a significant financial commitment, with subscripting costs ranging from free to £29.99 per month.

Dependent on your subscription, you’ll receive editorial assistance, insightful analytics, easy publishing, and a customisable website. You’ll also be able to take advantage of their extensive ad network, with their team pairing your content with advertisers if desired.

How to Join Acast Open?

To learn more about this new offering, head over to the Acast website. You’ll find plenty of information on the various packages as well as their pro services. It really couldn’t be any easier to launch a podcast!


Whether you’re a growing brand, independent consultant or content producer, ¬†podcasts offering massive potential. This is particular if you’re targeting millennial, with nearly a third listening to 5 or more podcasts per week.

The biggest challenge with launching a podcast, however, is the technology and distribution required. Acast Open aims to remove this roadblock and allow more to take advantage of the podcast boom.